F.A.Q. Zombies

  1. Plain English. What is it?

    Think zombie apocalypse survival meets video game and escape room. Real actors are zombies.

  2. So, are zombies just pretending? How can a fake zombie give me damage?

    Zombies have what we call “melee packs.” That means they’re not using our regular guns to attack you. Once they get within a certain distance from you you begin to take damage.

  3. Do zombies actually scare me?

    Zombies are all just people in face paint. This is a no contact/no touch event.

  4. Can I play again?

    Sure. Play all you want. Replays are just $10 a person.

  5. Is it in the dark?

    Yes and No. We’ve got the area lit, but think of lighting like at a movie before the show starts or bright night lights in your house.

  6. Age group?


  7. How many people do I have to play?

    The game is designed for a squad of 4. Technically you can play the map with less than 4. If you don’t have a group, we can pair you up with others.

  8. What if I want to be a zombie?

    Awesome. Give us a call. We like to screen our zombies for their zombieness..