We're in this biz because we want to GET OUTSIDE AND DO SOMETHIN'.  Years of airsoft, flashlight tag, and uh, using-our-hands-and-saying-”bang” with friends and family are memories we live for. It's time to bring fun back!

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our story

Have you ever tried Wow Flakes?** Two donkeys sure did, and they loved it.

It’s a pretty dumb story. The (then new) BaseTactics team got together to shoot our very first video, wanting to show the world that we existed, and of course, to highlight our gameplay, our guns, and so on.

Instead, we spent six hours creating the Wow Flakes box and laughed until we cried.

Most brands have super positive words that they paste everywhere ad nauseam, (like integrity, grit, quality, etc.) or mechanical phrases like “Always doing the right thing” or “Where pleasing you pleases us.”

Yeah, that’s not us.

The Wow Flakes story is perfect for “our story” because it’s who we are. We’re normal/slightly crazy people who thought of a cool idea in 2015, and brought that idea to life in central Pennsylvania. And, like the Wow Flakes story, it didn’t really go as we planned. Guess how many people came to our grand opening? Like six. We ended up driving into the small town we were next to, and awkwardly (make that hilariously awkwardly) handed out flyers to college kids telling them to come play over at the farm where we were hosting it. Everybody averted their gaze and mumbled something about “Maybe coming later.” Yeah, right.

Oh, and four of those six players were current staff. Just sayin’.

All that to say, we’ve learned a lot since we started, and though we’re a small team of somewhat normal people, we want to bring BaseTactics to the world...working and laughing the whole time. We still try crazy things (like this crazy Zombie thing coming up -- it’s probably STILL too big for us) that any sane person wouldn’t do. But that’s okay. We’re always living on the wild side.

I mean, when your business is getting groups together to shoot each other, you kind of have to be.

And to everyone out there who believed in us, to those that came to our events every week and helped us get off the ground, we salute you and thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you. To many more years of craziness!

**Wow Flakes isn’t recommended for human consumption, unless you like soggy, bad flakes. Our tagline = “Wow Flakes. Now with more flakes!”