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3 Ways We Make Laser Tag Awesome!

We believe there are three things are essential to creating a meaningful experience for our customers:

HIGH-TECH EQUIPMENT. Accurate. Feels. Real. Sounds Real. Looks Real. Unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

"The terrain for play made me feel like I was in a real battle and the equipment was beyond anything I've ever played with!" - Lianna N.

TEAMWORK ORIENTED. Guided, complex strategy simulations that make it fun for everyone. We vary our game simulations based on our assessment of players' abilities, needs, and wants often playing: Domination, Bomb the Base, Search and Destroy, Deathmatch, Free For All, and more.

So I've now played laser tag with Base Tactics 2 times and I plan on playing a lot more!! They have a lot of different game modes, 69 different weapons, and a pretty awesome map that is going to get even crazier!!  - Brandon T.

TACTICAL IMMERSION. Create a unique environment in realistic battle-zones like the woods or urban ruins settings.

I'm not going to lie, at first I was very skeptical (how can laser tag be fun for a 29 year old veteran) BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! This was the most fun I've had all summer I'm more upset I didn't play earlier...If you get the chance to even play one game do it! You'll never regret it. - Tyler W.