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I figured I would begin this Blog with a hidden gem I discovered recently while playing at one of Base Tactic’s open plays in Lewisburg. The scenario we played involved being issued a random weapon at the start of the game. My weapon was the Bren Light Machine Gun. Having grown up in the age of the M16 and the M249 SAW, I had my reservations about using a gun that was almost eighty years old. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about.

The Bren was developed by the British in 1937 as a replacement for the famous Lewis Machine Gun. The idea was that the Lewis was too heavy for the new squad tactics in the days before World War II and despite its twenty-year reign, was still prone to jamming, took too long to reload and had no way to change out the barrel once it over-heated. The Bren was the solution to all this.

Based almost entirely off of the Czechoslovakian ZB vz. 26, the Bren took advantage of Eastern Europe’s formidable firearms engineering. By the start of WWII, a second model of Bren was introduced and quickly made such an impression that the Brits wouldn’t fully replace it until the 1980’s... FOLLOW THIS LINK TO READ MORE OF THIS REVIEW.