Above: Picture of real P90. Below: Equipment used in BaseTactics laser tag gaming system.


Above: Picture of real P90. Below: Equipment used in BaseTactics laser tag gaming system.


THE FN P90. 


This is my favorite gun Base Tactics has to offer.

Not only does it accurately simulate a P90, but it does so in in a gun that feels like the real thing. The current “hard bodies” that Base Tactics uses aren’t based on real weapons, but rather amalgamations of many types of firearms. This isn’t the case with the P90, since the manufacturer of the guns has actually copied the real P90’s size, weight and feel.

The P90 came into use in 1991 after five years of development. Designed and manufactured by FN, a Belgian company, it was to replace the then-current 9mm submachine guns. European police and military forces liked the 9mm parabellum round in handguns, but they needed a round with more velocity in a submachine gun. FN answered this call with the 5.7×28mm, which is essentially a .22 Hornet. That means a very fast, flat-shooting projectile that will meet the target at a significant distance, without causing excessive damage. Think of it like a rapier, compared to the 9mm’s broadsword.

They decided on a bullpup design for the gun itself, to allow for compact carry and maneuvering.

What I like most about playing with this gun, is that you can get a tight, shouldered grip on it, which increases your accuracy ten-fold compared to using a gun without a stock. The red-sot sight is perfectly elevated to allow rapid sight and target acquisition, which really counts when clearing small or short-range areas of that rascally enemy. If you’re not used to the slope of the grip, your wrist can start to get sore after a couple rounds of playing, but you quickly forget about it as you take out target after target.

As far as the simulation itself: they really did an excellent job capturing the essence of FN’s prize creation. The P90 is a select fire weapon, which means it can be fired in semi-automatic (one shot per trigger pull) or full-automatic. The magazine has the real-life capacity of 50 rounds and takes 4 seconds to reload, which is also just like the real thing. In full-automatic, it fires at the “maximum” rate, which is about 800 rounds per minute. The real P90 fires at...