An Apology from the Owner

It's coming back.

It's coming back.

**From the guy in the cereal and goat movie

Guys, I don't know a better way to say this other than:

I'm an idiot. And I'm sorry.

BaseTactics isn't dead. I promise. We moved to State College in September of 2016 to establish the business there. Two weeks later, I was recruited by a software sales company, and because of where we were financially at, I accepted. The appointment lasted a year.

BaseTactics took a hit. I failed to return calls, I wasn't innovative, my organizational skills were a mess, and I stopped reaching out to good people.  I developed bad business habits.  BaseTactics only survived in 2017 because of peoples' great referrals.

I take full responsibility in letting most of you down. Again, I'm sorry.

But to quote one of my favorite characters ever, it's time to “Think of the solution, not the problem." BaseTactics has been struck down, yes, but it WILL come back more powerful than even I can imagine. I'll be breathing life back into what made BaseTactics originally awesome. The things we've been talking about for years (inventory upgrades, leagues, RPG scenarios, zombie, etc.) need to come to fruition. 

And there's going to be some more difficult changes to implement. I've learned through the years that our mobile party setup has had to become more lean. This sucks for a lot of people who don't have a suitable location, and I get that. We believe in a debt-free business, and buying a new vehicle (I know, seeing the Civic drive up is still funny to most of you!) to accommodate setup doesn't align with our financial goals.  Also, with Erin transitioning out of doing EVERY single party -- she's been awesome for doing that, by the way -- we have more expenses to consider with every event.

We also have an official location in State College to focus on (April - November). Chalk that up as another failure of mine...I haven't improved the space for a year+.   

I admit I'm being a shade too candid here, but our friends/clients are important to us. You deserve to know.

And everyone: thank you. I truly appreciate all of the ideas, the drive time, the sweat equity, and your loyalty these last 3 years. It won't all be for naught. I'll be pouring all my soul into getting BaseTactics where we (truly) want it!

Now, let's make BaseTactics season 4.0 the best one yet!

Centre Daily Times writes Article about Outdoor Laser Tag in State College

Above: Player Tyler Williams follows a fellow team member into the center of the map hoping to outsmart an unsuspecting player on the other team. 

Above: Player Tyler Williams follows a fellow team member into the center of the map hoping to outsmart an unsuspecting player on the other team. 

BaseTactics is one of the newest things to do in State College, PA. Influenced by popular video games like Halo and Call of Duty, BaseTactics uses high-tech equipment to create what feels like a live action battlefield. 

On August 7th the local business celebrated a one year anniversary. All previous customers were sent invitations and welcomed to join the organization at the newly established State College "map." Offering a 75% discount on their services, each played from 11am-8pm for just $5. Attendees showed up with grills, coolers, lawn games, and more while awaiting a chance to play in the battlefield. 

BaseTactics owners created varying game simulations throughout the day; tactical games ranging from simple "Team Death Match" to more complicated missions like "Search and Destroy" challenged players to come up with new strategies and player specialties in order to win. 

More than 45 people made it out to the event. Weeks of planning culminated with a happy surprise when BaseTactics owners learned  a news article covered by the Centre Daily Times was published the weekend of the event.


The biggest obstacle BaseTactics has to overcome on a daily basis is simply people's perception of the words "laser tag." Even when I hear it I think: "sweaty vest, dark room, pew-pew noises." That's because there's still too many laser tag owners today that are living in the 1980's. Sad thing is - there are hundreds of people that still pay them good money to play in a dark room with sweaty vests!

We think they just don't know what they're missing.

That's why we're not in the laser tag business - not really. We use the term, but just like the two images below are both called a "phone," they're not the same. Same words but neither describes the freedom and general industry overhaul that came with the mobile phone. 


In 2007, when Apple announced in a press release that Steve Jobs had re-invented the phone, the concept behind the word phone changed: "MACWORLD SAN FRANCISCO - January 9th, 2007- Apple today introduced iPhone, combining three products — a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, Web browsing, searching and maps — into one small and lightweight handheld device." (See More at Apple Press Info).

The world didn't change because an invention had been created. The world changed because customers began to demand it. The "something new" in the market had all the things we were looking for and therefore we began to re-name the phone through our recommendations, reviews, words, and purchases.

BaseTactics (although nowhere near as cool as Apple) is offering a new revolutionary, high-tech option for a simple game we used to call laser tag. Every time one of our customers gets the chance to be immersed in our live action battlefield, they go home, tell their friends, and help re-define the industry. We  hope you'll listen up, because here's what they've got to say:

So ive now played laser tag with Base Tactics 2 times and I plan on playing alot more!! They have alot of different game modes, 69 different weapons, and a pretty awesome map that is going to get even crazier!! The owners/instructors are very nice, helpful, and understanding!!! This is a must do!!!! Btw the guns are awesome and extremely accurate!!!

Posted on Facebook Reviews by Brandon Taylor on Sunday, June 12, 2016

This was absolutely amazing! Definitely not your typical Lasertag. With many many simulation assault rifles including snipers and a mystery box in which anything from a tommy gun to a pistol can be drawn, this is a must do experience. My friend and I are PSU alumni and we were visiting State College when came across this event looking for Lasertag and we had a blast! The instructors/owners/hosts were fabulous! Very friendly and explained the rules really easily. The terrain for play made me feel like I was in a real battle and the equipment was beyond anything I've ever played with! I'm only sorry I didn't wear camouflage and get some walkies for more strategic play, but my friend and I will be ready next time! (Haha you don't need any of those things to play, we just get competitive). Highly recommend! Can't say enough amazing this about this experience!

Posted on Facebook Reviews by Lianna N on Sunday, May 29, 2016

I can not rave enough about this business and these people!!!!! They made my daughters birthday such a magical day! I loved how they worked with the kids and how they helped keep the game moving along at a perfect pace! If you do laser tag it with base tactics!!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

Posted on Facebook Reviews by Teresa Dunham on Sunday, April 24, 2016

Just try it. I bet you will want to do it again.

Posted on Facebook Reviews by Michael Lesher on Saturday, April 23, 2016

Had a blast today with base tactics! Even though we only had six people playing it was still amazing! Highly recommended!

Posted on Facebook Reviews by Joselyn Reichenbach on Saturday, April 16, 2016

Had a great time with my son. Not your typical lazer tag, this was so much fun!!! Great price, great staff, great way to spend a few hours. But just be careful where you park your car mine took fire (not really).. But I now have an inside joke with the staff!! Thanks guys for the great time!!!

Posted on Facebook Reviews by Matthew Nolder on Saturday, April 16, 2016

At first I was like laser tag that's dumb, but then they showed us the guns and told us about all the programs there is. I would do this all day if I could, great event for everyone !!!

Posted on Facebook Reviews by Cody Brooks on Sunday, January 31, 2016

Our youth group had them come this weekend. It was amazing. Every kid loved it. Keep up the great work

Posted on Facebook Reviews by Jeremiah Allen on Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thank you so much for coming to our family gathering. Everyone had such a blast! Can't wait for the next time!

Posted on Facebook Reviews by Nicole Robinson Whitford on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I wasn't sure about this at first. Felt a little sceptic when I was watching others playing. Then when I played for the first time, I was hooked. Call it a date night if you want, but it is great fun you can have with your spouse, friends and family. Can't wait for the next event! Get ready to have a blast!

Posted on Facebook Reviews by Di Anne Beiler on Sunday, October 11, 2015

Such an awesome experience. Basically like paintball without the mess and pain. Definitely want to do it again.

Posted on Facebook Reviews by Zach Royer on Saturday, October 3, 2015

Excellent time! Excellent equipment! Wonderful owners that run a top notch event!

Posted on Facebook Reviews by Jeff Wolfe on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Amazing time good price and it's amazing all around!!

Posted on Facebook Reviews by Seth Murray on Friday, August 21, 2015

Phenomenal. By far the most fun I've had all year.

Posted on Facebook Reviews by Will Baylor on Thursday, August 20, 2015




Laser Tag, Huh? That Sounds Like A Fun Job...

There are two kinds of business owners.  There are the people that are driving their train, the business they created, forward.  They plan ahead.  They work their butts off.  They maximize their time by putting it on paper and following a schedule, because time to them, is a limited resource that must be used wisely.  

And then you have the other group.

To them, their business is a ride.  They already paid their dues to get in.  "If I build it, they will come", they say, and sitting there on that ride, they hold on hoping their business will take off.  These people believe that the business itself, through a sheer will of its own, will bring them somewhere new.  Instead of forging new paths forward, they get their lawn-chairs out and wait for trails to appear in front of them.   

I think that's why 50% of new businesses fail (Did you know that the phrase "Nine out of ten new businesses fail" is a much-repeated saying that has no factual basis?  The SBA says that 50% of new businesses last 4-5 years.  About thirty percent of startups last for 10 years or more.  The more you know!).  Because rides are fun and exciting!  To most people, owning a business means not working a 40-hour work week, not having a boss to answer to, and something akin to Scrooge McDuck diving into a mountain of wealth all day.  The American dream, some would say!  But why?  Why do business owners treat their own businesses like amusement rides?  And why does this "ride mentality" bring mediocrity and cookie-cutter-like ideas to the rest of the world?

Because a ride is easy.  A ride is something one hops on, buckles into, and waits for.  Rides take their riders down its own predetermined path, designed to elicit wonder and excitement from all it carries, determined to leave its payers craving more.  The ride isn't driven by its riders, nor are they responsible if the "ride totally sucks."  It's short-term entertainment.

And let's be honest.  If you got this far, you're wondering which direction this blog post is going to go in.  Will I be the humble business owner who cleverly disguises his weaknesses as strengths (hello typical interviewees!)?  Will I confidently say "Nah man, I knew what this was going to take and manned up," and hope to teach you a lesson about being a super-driven-awesome leader?  Maybe, instead, you're offended that I switched from 3rd person, to 1st, to 2nd, and so on, and think that all of this is a pathetic SEO grab?*

Here's what I've come with:  I'm still the guy with the lawn chair.  I know my business is not a ride (I used to believe after I moved here that BaseTactics would take care of itself), but I still wait for "that magic bullet" to make it all easy.  I know (deep down) it's time for me to strive to be part of that first group, and I promise you, there are some days I'm right there with them.  That's when I'm thinking of new ideas, making better connections, and driving BaseTactics forward.  But other times, I sit.  And wait.  Because lemme tell you, my chair is oh-so-comfortable, and uh, good things happen to those who wait!  This thing even has drink holders!

Today was the first day that I (ever) mapped out my time from when I woke up until now.  Breakfast at 8:00 am.  BaseTactics at 9:00 am - 2:00 pm, and so on.  From there, I made a list of everything I wanted to accomplish during those times.  Did I fail?  In some ways, very much so.  Did I get more accomplished than if I had just blindly reacted to the day?  Well (and this is small, I know), "posting something on the website" is on that list.  It's something I kept saying I would do for months.  And I'm doing it.  Why?  Because I made a written commitment to myself, and now it's 9:20 PM at night.**

I'm ditching the lawn chair.

(Or I'm transforming it into a rocket-powered-tank-chair of destruction.  Either or.)

*I thought about writing BaseTactics 100 times after I wrote this out of spite.  Also, I felt guilty every time I wrote "BaseTactics" after I said this.  SEE??!

**Also because I made a successful FTL run (computer game) last night and have no desire to play it tonight.





   Above: Picture of real P90. Below: Equipment used in BaseTactics laser tag gaming system.


Above: Picture of real P90. Below: Equipment used in BaseTactics laser tag gaming system.


THE FN P90. 


This is my favorite gun Base Tactics has to offer.

Not only does it accurately simulate a P90, but it does so in in a gun that feels like the real thing. The current “hard bodies” that Base Tactics uses aren’t based on real weapons, but rather amalgamations of many types of firearms. This isn’t the case with the P90, since the manufacturer of the guns has actually copied the real P90’s size, weight and feel.

The P90 came into use in 1991 after five years of development. Designed and manufactured by FN, a Belgian company, it was to replace the then-current 9mm submachine guns. European police and military forces liked the 9mm parabellum round in handguns, but they needed a round with more velocity in a submachine gun. FN answered this call with the 5.7×28mm, which is essentially a .22 Hornet. That means a very fast, flat-shooting projectile that will meet the target at a significant distance, without causing excessive damage. Think of it like a rapier, compared to the 9mm’s broadsword.

They decided on a bullpup design for the gun itself, to allow for compact carry and maneuvering.

What I like most about playing with this gun, is that you can get a tight, shouldered grip on it, which increases your accuracy ten-fold compared to using a gun without a stock. The red-sot sight is perfectly elevated to allow rapid sight and target acquisition, which really counts when clearing small or short-range areas of that rascally enemy. If you’re not used to the slope of the grip, your wrist can start to get sore after a couple rounds of playing, but you quickly forget about it as you take out target after target.

As far as the simulation itself: they really did an excellent job capturing the essence of FN’s prize creation. The P90 is a select fire weapon, which means it can be fired in semi-automatic (one shot per trigger pull) or full-automatic. The magazine has the real-life capacity of 50 rounds and takes 4 seconds to reload, which is also just like the real thing. In full-automatic, it fires at the “maximum” rate, which is about 800 rounds per minute. The real P90 fires at...