Zombie Resistance Grows in State College, PA

(Above) Construction company finds mysterious orange substance behind the old Starlight Drive in theater while breaking ground on a new senior living facility.

(Above) Construction company finds mysterious orange substance behind the old Starlight Drive in theater while breaking ground on a new senior living facility.


STATE COLLEGE, PA -  State College, Pennsylvania. The most unlikely place for the beginning of the end of the world.  A local construction company unearthed a pool of orange slop while breaking ground for a new senior living development. The airborne effects of the stuff was instantaneous.

Raven Group stepped in. The US government elected them to spearhead the project because of their extensive biological expertise (while also being one of the largest private military contractors in the country). Professor Carl Planck, the thought leader of modern day molecular biology, took the helm. He and his team locked down the area and began their 3 month-long investigation into the substance, with minor success in nullifying some of its most potently infectious properties.

They were never heard from again.

Panicking, and with national media outlets demanding an explanation, Raven Group took things in their own hands, and sent their elite units to wipe out the threat.

The virus spread.

State College was locked down until further notice -- but it was too late. Reports of walking dead hordes rapidly spread across the US. Entire cities went dark. Every state in the continental US declared a state of emergency, and begged the military to intervene. The US government’s solution was to divide the country into 5 zones (the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and West), and appoint a PMC to govern and lead the remaining human forces across each area. The beleaguered Raven Group continues to lead operations in the Northeast.

At present, options are limited. With the origin of the disease in Raven’s zone of control, the other groups are looking to them to devise a cure. Raven’s resources, however, are severely drained: their main forces hold the eastern coast, with Philadelphia to the south and New York to the north. New Jersey is completely lost, and has become a regional zombie stronghold.

Time is running out.

It’s been 3 months since the lockdown of State College. Raven Group, the PMC (private military contractor) responsible for the extermination of the undead in the Northeast United States, is dedicating more and more of their time to the bigger metropolitan areas, relying on mercenaries to cover more rural zones. Gains against the the multiplying zombie horde have been slow.

Raven Group knew that finding a cure had to be the highest priority (though, they argue, that if noone survives the onslaught, a cure would be useless!). For three months trained mercenary groups, approved by Raven Group, lead the charge in the fight for the cure. There has been no success. Each group disappeared into the void, never to be heard from again.

With mounting pressure from locals and the rest of the world for a solution, Raven Group began to allow untrained citizens to fight. Rebels, they said, could fight as they wished, as they were not under any formal protection. The idea caught like wildfire.

Now, a shoddy “rebel encampment” lies beyond the Raven renunciation site, attracting adventurers from around the state to fight for the rest of humanity. Raven Mercenaries (Mercs) and rebels alike form a, shall we say, uneasy alliance (the rebels believe the mercs are sellouts, and that their long streak of failure derives from their lack of patriotism, while the mercs laugh at the idea that an untrained, uneducated person -- one willing to give up their citizenship, of all things -- is not worthy for the task).

Will this unlikely group of desperate survivors discover the “supposed” cure? Will they tear themselves apart with petty infighting? Or has humanity’s time finally come to an end?