VELUX USA just put out a really interesting video (pictured above) and several articles ( about the "Indoor Generation." The marketing campaign discusses the complex and interesting topic of how much time people spend indoors and the consequences the indoor environment has on our health. 

The dramatic video is certainly motivating, but, it doesn't discuss "why" most people are indoors. The indoor generation is inside a lot because many of the activities they like to do or commit time to are also inside. Like gaming. Gaming is just one of those activities that people of all ages enjoy, but it's a solitary, indoor hobby. That's why millions of people are playing Fortnite every day.

That's why we love doing what we do. BaseTactics is gaming come to life. The indoor sport becomes an outdoor sport. Playing on an outdoor battlefield with sweet tech in a real life battle royale is just one of the ways we've found adults and teens who truly enjoy gaming can also get outside.