Play Outdoor Laser Tag in State College, PA

Ever wish laser tag could, cooler? Like, as in, actually tactical, with different weapons, customizable options, and a game that punishes not using cover correctly? What about laser tag sniper rifles and machine guns? What about equipment that you have to reload, and realistic reload times, different rates of fire, different ranges, and an outdoor map with lots of paths to play from?

Yep. We got all that.

So, stop searching for things to do in State College and come drop-in and play at Happy Valley Flea Market on Saturday's and Sunday's starting in May 2016 - because BaseTactics is what you've been waiting to do. 

Need a little more convincing?

Our laser tag equipment shoots from a football field away to three football fields away. They are equipped with red dot scopes (the snipers have 3x-9x zoom scopes) and are totally accurate. 

You actually get instant feedback when you hit someone as well. Also, each gun keeps track of your game and session stats (including hits, kills, accuracy %, K/D ratio, and so on!)

Oh, and there are 69 different weapon emulations. NBD.

This isn't the laser tag you grew up with, so why not just come check it out. (Besides Happy Valley Flea Market is awesome anyway with food trucks, over 40 vendors, and just a ton more stuff to do).

Happy Valley Flea Market: 1100 Benner Pike, State College, PA 16801