A group of gamers from The Bored Gamer - a local board game store in Sunbury, PA, recently booked a strategic game party through BaseTactics in early August.  With over 22 in attendance, the excellent strategy these players use in board games became evident during the tactical play of domination and death match games.


Lewisburg, PA, September 9, 2015 - Inspired by popular video games, local businesses TROTFITNESS and BaseTactics teamed up in the fight against youth obesity by hosting a new athletic event that uses video game combat simulation as exercise.

With young adult obesity rates high, parents are looking for innovative ways to get youth not interested in traditional sports into exercise. Influenced by popular video games like Halo and Call of Duty, local business BaseTactics uses high-tech equipment to create what feels like a live action computer game. Like a video game but in real life, each player interacts with realistic laser tag equipment that feels, looks, and sounds like some of video game’s most popular weapons (such as the P90 most often used in Call of Duty).

“Although realistic in look and feel, the equipment uses a harmless infrared beam, like your TV remote, that tags sensors worn by the opposing team’s players. Allowing BaseTactics to teach the fundamental value of teamwork in a customized style of play that is a great way for video gamers to get out and physically play in the action, versus just watching it passively,” explained Kevin Walter, BaseTactics owner.

Without the use of projectiles or paint, participants enjoy various team-based tactical simulations, in a live action, high-adrenaline game.  By repurposing the video game passions, this fun, athletic activity connects with gamers and reduces sedentary “screen time”: an important goal for healthy living

The event begins at 2:00 pm, Sunday, September 27th at 95 Brookpark Circle in Lewisburg (Brookpark Farm). Sessions can host up to 24 people at a time and each new session will start every 90 minutes. Cost to attend is $20 per player per session (must be 10 or older to play). Players are encouraged to pre-register for the date of the event at www.basetactics.com/open-plays/ as a waiver is required to play. As co-host to the event, TROTFITNESS will be giving 2-weeks of unlimited “Fit Body Boot Camp” for FREE to any non-member event participants that have never experienced that athletic program before.

“We teamed with TROTFITNESS for one of our first events because we’re personally passionate about providing a way for youth, adults, and college students to take what are commonly sedentary passions (like strategy games and video games) and making them so physically fun that it doesn’t feel like exercise at all.  Then hopefully, once exercise becomes a fun experience, groups can grow to enjoy other healthy activities like what TROTFITNESS provides clients every day.”

About BaseTactics

Established in 2015, BaseTactics is a mobile provider of outdoor and indoor tactical laser tag experiences for adults and teens. As a mobile business, BaseTactics will set up and tear down entire fields of play located in almost any environment – indoors, outdoors, wooded, and urban. BaseTactics operates like a food truck with a regular calendar of events open to the public that also provides private parties, fundraising events, historical reenactments/campaigns, and corporate team building sessions.  To learn more visit www.basetactics.com, or call us at 570.884.8575. 


Established in Lewisburg in 2011, TROTFITNESS is owned by local husband and wife team, Nisan and Yorelis Trotter. TROTFITNESS offers health and fitness exercise sessions that improve cardio, strength training, and core conditioning as well as specialized exercises like TF Personal Training,  TF Sports Performance, TF Fitness Nutrition, TF Dance Fitness, and its flagship program – Fit Body Boot Camp! To learn more please visit www.trotfitness.com, or call 570.412.9074.