5 Ways You Can Prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse

5. Be “in-the-know” about the science behind a potential zombie threat.

Did you know there is a parasitic fungus in the Amazon that can take over the brain of its host? Fungi of the genus Ophiocordyceps enter specific ants’ brains, release chemicals, and takes hostage over their brains.  Once the spores are in control, it forces the ants to traverse to higher ground and sit there, where the spores can rain down on more of the colony and start the process over again! Ant colonies have to learn how to identify and eject these infected ants so the deadly spores don’t affect the others. 

Don’t believe us? Check out BBC’s research into the topic:


Sir David Attenborough and the Planet Earth team discover the weird world of the Cordyceps; killer fungi that invades the body of an insect to grow and diminish the insect population. Fascinating animal and wildlife video from the BBC epic natural world masterpiece 'Planet Earth'.


4. Acknowledge a credible threat and prepare to outlive the zombies.

If the CDC says it can happen, well maybe it can. That’s why they’ve outlined a plan for preparedness that may be more rational than acting like the ants and throwing zombie ant corpses off a tree cliff.


3. Trust the government to take care of a zombie threat?

A recent news release indicates that the government has de-classified a tactical zombie training simulation. If the government has a plan, it must be a good one – maybe this is the best way to go. Find out what they're planning:


3. Understand and prepare for how a pandemic moves.

Every potential zombie threat includes two important character groups: 1) The Zombies – crazed beings that often wreak havoc, 2) The Survivors – hopefully, when the world is close to its end there are a few specialists that can save the day. Hopefully at least one brilliant scientist is alive.

Prepare for a pandemic by playing the game Pandemic (REVIEW AT BORED GAME GEEK). In this game, disease is upon the world and it’s up to the specialist players to find the cure before humanity disappears. Teamwork and specialty strengths are the only way to win. Everyone wins or the whole world loses.

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1. Practice your survival skills

There’s no better way than to know if you have what it takes until the world actually comes to an end.  The only potential way is to maybe simulate a zombie apocalypse and make it as real-life as possible.  Good news, then!  There’s one such training event coming up in Lewsiburg, PA on 10-23-2015. Sign up for your chance to end the zombie apocalypse today: http://www.basetactics.com/zombies/