Join the Resistance for Your Night of the Zombies Halloween Party.

Halloween is coming, but you’ve got no idea what to do or where to go now that you’re in State College. Video game night? Costumes and walk around downtown? Escape room? What about something with a little more action.


Wield a high-tech, weapon replica with a range as far as you can see -- each equipped with a red-dot scope, with real-time hit feedback. Zombie Resistance is a 4-player, linear story-driven adventure through the ruins of an old drive-in theater. Your squad will have to keep zombie damage down to a minimum, WHILE solving puzzles, making decisions, and trying to survive.


Zombie Resistance Sign at the Old Starlight Theatre on Benner Pike


We hope you didn't spill your coffee on your morning commute this morning. Yes,  that hideous zombie arrived early in the morning. The first "sign" that The Raven Group can't keep the horde under control. This sign is what we believe to be the massing behind that Old Starlight Drive-In Theater off Benner Pike in State College.

A press release sent by the Raven Group early in the morning states that this creature (a.k.a. zombie) is "just a lonely, lost sick individual" that arrived in one of the moving trucks last weekend with a Penn State student.

Fake news? We've got more information check it out.


An Apology from the Owner

It's coming back.

It's coming back.

**From the guy in the cereal and goat movie

Guys, I don't know a better way to say this other than:

I'm an idiot. And I'm sorry.

BaseTactics isn't dead. I promise. We moved to State College in September of 2016 to establish the business there. Two weeks later, I was recruited by a software sales company, and because of where we were financially at, I accepted. The appointment lasted a year.

BaseTactics took a hit. I failed to return calls, I wasn't innovative, my organizational skills were a mess, and I stopped reaching out to good people.  I developed bad business habits.  BaseTactics only survived in 2017 because of peoples' great referrals.

I take full responsibility in letting most of you down. Again, I'm sorry.

But to quote one of my favorite characters ever, it's time to “Think of the solution, not the problem." BaseTactics has been struck down, yes, but it WILL come back more powerful than even I can imagine. I'll be breathing life back into what made BaseTactics originally awesome. The things we've been talking about for years (inventory upgrades, leagues, RPG scenarios, zombie, etc.) need to come to fruition. 

And there's going to be some more difficult changes to implement. I've learned through the years that our mobile party setup has had to become more lean. This sucks for a lot of people who don't have a suitable location, and I get that. We believe in a debt-free business, and buying a new vehicle (I know, seeing the Civic drive up is still funny to most of you!) to accommodate setup doesn't align with our financial goals.  Also, with Erin transitioning out of doing EVERY single party -- she's been awesome for doing that, by the way -- we have more expenses to consider with every event.

We also have an official location in State College to focus on (April - November). Chalk that up as another failure of mine...I haven't improved the space for a year+.   

I admit I'm being a shade too candid here, but our friends/clients are important to us. You deserve to know.

And everyone: thank you. I truly appreciate all of the ideas, the drive time, the sweat equity, and your loyalty these last 3 years. It won't all be for naught. I'll be pouring all my soul into getting BaseTactics where we (truly) want it!

Now, let's make BaseTactics season 4.0 the best one yet!

Centre Daily Times writes Article about Outdoor Laser Tag in State College

Above: Player Tyler Williams follows a fellow team member into the center of the map hoping to outsmart an unsuspecting player on the other team. 

Above: Player Tyler Williams follows a fellow team member into the center of the map hoping to outsmart an unsuspecting player on the other team. 

BaseTactics is one of the newest things to do in State College, PA. Influenced by popular video games like Halo and Call of Duty, BaseTactics uses high-tech equipment to create what feels like a live action battlefield. 

On August 7th the local business celebrated a one year anniversary. All previous customers were sent invitations and welcomed to join the organization at the newly established State College "map." Offering a 75% discount on their services, each played from 11am-8pm for just $5. Attendees showed up with grills, coolers, lawn games, and more while awaiting a chance to play in the battlefield. 

BaseTactics owners created varying game simulations throughout the day; tactical games ranging from simple "Team Death Match" to more complicated missions like "Search and Destroy" challenged players to come up with new strategies and player specialties in order to win. 

More than 45 people made it out to the event. Weeks of planning culminated with a happy surprise when BaseTactics owners learned  a news article covered by the Centre Daily Times was published the weekend of the event.

3 Ways We Make Laser Tag Awesome!

We believe there are three things are essential to creating a meaningful experience for our customers:

HIGH-TECH EQUIPMENT. Accurate. Feels. Real. Sounds Real. Looks Real. Unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

"The terrain for play made me feel like I was in a real battle and the equipment was beyond anything I've ever played with!" - Lianna N.

TEAMWORK ORIENTED. Guided, complex strategy simulations that make it fun for everyone. We vary our game simulations based on our assessment of players' abilities, needs, and wants often playing: Domination, Bomb the Base, Search and Destroy, Deathmatch, Free For All, and more.

So I've now played laser tag with Base Tactics 2 times and I plan on playing a lot more!! They have a lot of different game modes, 69 different weapons, and a pretty awesome map that is going to get even crazier!!  - Brandon T.

TACTICAL IMMERSION. Create a unique environment in realistic battle-zones like the woods or urban ruins settings.

I'm not going to lie, at first I was very skeptical (how can laser tag be fun for a 29 year old veteran) BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! This was the most fun I've had all summer I'm more upset I didn't play earlier...If you get the chance to even play one game do it! You'll never regret it. - Tyler W.