Um. What's this crazy zombie thing??

Only the best thing we've ever done!! We're a crazy team, so last year we put on an event that was (probably) too big for us. We ran a 5-weekend Friday and Saturday night squad-based interactive zombie experience. It used our gear, of course, but the zombies were able to melee attack you back. There were puzzles, surprises, and a final boss! We now have all the gear to run mobile zombie parties and zombie themed weekends for customers. Give us a call if you have an idea for your group.

What about weather and cancellations?

None of us can control the weather. We get it. That's why we don't charge a cancellation fee for bad weather. We believe that everyone should 1:) have a really great time, and 2:) feel very safe while doing it (well, as "safe" as one can feel while being shot at for 2 hours). Below is our "cancellation guide," but anyone is free to cancel if he/she doesn't want their group to play in any condition.

We can play in: light-medium rain or snow. Cloudy/Sunny days or nights. We'll need a little light (for humans to see!) if we play at night.

Consider canceling if: the temp is below freezing (the guns are metal, and will be VERY cold to the touch). They are calling for periods of sustained rain. There are sloppy/muddy conditions with standing water. 

We will never play in: thunderstorms. Heavy rain/snow. Bomb cyclones. Severe weather conditions. Anything that we believe puts players at risk.

Just remember: if you decide to "risk it" the day of, and the weather is horrible, or BaseTactics staff cancels because of safety once we arrive, you still owe us. And no, we're not monsters, we do understand extreme circumstances.

**NOTE: While our equipment works great in the rain/snow, the infrared beams (especially at a far distance) will have to travel through that interference. Some players have noted a slight decrease in long-range performance in rain.

What are the range of the guns?

Depending on the emulation, 200 ft - 1000 ft. The accuracy also depends on what you're using (e.g, muskets vs modern day rifles).

When are you *really* getting new stuff? Like proximity mines, blasters, etc...

Yep. We know. We've been saying "once we grow we're getting stuff" for two years. There is something coming in the next few months that will skyrocket our equipment to the next level. For real.

Note: We did just add like 30 guns to our inventory. Does that count for something??

What if my kid is almost 10? Like tomorrow is his/her birthday.

It doesn't matter. Insurance is insurance, and our minimum age is 10 years old. We've turned away kids turning 10 later in the week. We're sorry we have to be sticklers about this rule, but we can't bend it for anyone.

Did you train the animals in your BaseTactics video to get the cereal?

Yep. We bought expensive circus animals specifically trained in "on-demand cereal-fetching." They're the real stars.

Also, our staff spent more time designing (and laughing at!) the "Wow Flakes" cereal box than the video itself.